We’re Not the Jet Set

For your listening pleasure today is a recording of Tracie Potochnik and I singing the Tammy Wynette & George Jones classic, “We’re Not the Jet Set” sometime in 2014 at the Mediator Stage in Providence, RI. Tracie is a super-talented acoustic singer-songwriter out of Providence. You can find out more about her solo music here and also about her duo, Carboard Ox. Tracie has a special fondness for the male-female duet tradition of country music, and so we performed a handful of them whenRead more

Love Letters in Latin

Today I’ve decided to share some of my early recordings. My friend Rich Ives helped me clean up and digitize the first four tracks from my 1996 cassette album, Love Letters in Latin. Maybe I can finish the rest of the tracks in time for the album’s 20th mother f’ing anniversary. How did I get so old? The songs are downloadable, so feel free. I was a senior in high school at the time, in love with rock music and in love withRead more